Supplemental Material 3


Supplemental Material 3: Zap-70 null to reconstituted SILAC ratio heatmap of proteins not known to function in TCR signaling in wild type cells.  SILAC heatmap of a portion of the data collected, representing proteins that were observed in our study of human Jurkat P116.c139 (Zap-70 reconstituted) cells not known to participate in the canonical T cell signaling pathway.  Zap-70 null/reconstituted SILAC ratios corresponding to the changes in phosphorylation state are represented as heatmaps.  Heatmaps are calculated from the average of 5 replicate experiments.  Green represents elevated phosphorylation in response to Zap-70 removal, while red represents a decrease in phosphorylation in response to Zap-70 removal.  Blanks in the heatmap indicate that a clearly defined SIC peak was not observed for that phosphopeptide in that time point.  Black represents no change. Note that the * next to the phosphorylation site signifies that this site previously has been described in the literature.

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